The Trans Draak 24hr MTB Quest will take you over a route of 210km and a total ascent of 3600m in the Bergville area in KZN and Free State. The support and Checkpoints en route are superb with nice things to eat, friendly people, and where else can you get a massage at 12:00 at night (with a smile) at a luxury lodge?


The event starts at the quaint little town of Swinburne (just off the N3 25km from Harrismith) and finishes at the Drakensville ATKV Holiday Resort at Bergville. We invite all you brave hearts to ENTER THE DRAGON!!

The inaugural Trans Draak 24hr MTB Quest took place on 22 October 2011. According to myth the Dragon life cycle follows the path of the five elements, fierce as Fire, grounded like the Earth, calm and contemplative as a still Pool, mysterious as the Darkness, and their very presence as ethereal as a gentle Breeze. Participants in the Trans Draak will only conquer the Dragon through belief in their trusty Steed, a Magiclight to fend off darkness and proper Armour to safeguard you from the Dragon's attack, Fitness and Stamina to overcome all five elements, and of course a strong Will and Spirit with a touch of Humour to survive and conquer the mighty Dragon.

Participants thus far have experienced the Dragon's presence and fierceness with a strong headwind and a number of veld fires in the area. Some prevailed, but others failed....... It has never been easy to slay a Dragon.........

Now you can also do the 12hr half distance over 130km!!

Are you prepared to slay the Dragon ?

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trans draak 24hr mtb quest

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